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House Rules - The goal of Journey House is to help people in every stage of their sobriety journey towards obtaining all the elements necessary for a major life tranformation.  The adherence to the house rules represents the foundation of responsible living within a community of support.

1.  Not drink any form of alcohol


2.  Not use any mind altering substances


3.  Attend three 12-step meetings per week


4.  Attend the daily mandatory House Meetings


5.  Obtain a sponsor and be active in a 12-step program


6.  Be accountable for whereabouts when off property


7.  Attend weekly Growth & Development - Peer Counseling






8.  Submit to urine tests 2 times per week ( and random )


9.  Complete daily chores


10.  Conduct themselves in a manner conducive and consistent with



11.  Be productive daily - i.e. Day programs, community volunteering,

       employment, etc


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